A student of the Elaine and Norm Brodsky Midreshet Darkaynu program has a wide array of experiences and responsibilities:


The learning program will be geared towards the individual skills of each Midreshet Darkaynu participant. Students attend daily classes focusing on areas such as Chumash, Hilchot kashrut, Shabbat and Moadim. In addition, chavruta learning will be an integral part of our study, as students will be paired with young women from the Maria and and Joel Finkle Overseas Program of Midreshet Lindenbaum for study on a topic of interest to them both.

Vocational Training

A major focus of Midreshet Darkaynu’s skills-training will be vocationally based. It is our goal to help our students develop a set of work ethics, job skills and the interpersonal skills necessary for them to be successful in a work environment. Our morning schedule revolves around prevocational skills training as well as placement in a work setting. Students will have the opportunity to develop hands on job skills and receive individual supervision by trained job coaches. Travel training will be included where applicable.

Life Skills

At Midreshet Darkaynu we stress the importance of building skills that will help our students be successful and happy members of their respective communities. Students will participate in courses which focus on interpersonal relationships, organizational skills, and independent living skills. Opportunities will be arranged to apply skills to areas such as money management, phone conversations, time management, personal hygiene, and making new friends.

Adoptive Families

Each student will have an adoptive family to provide her with a home away from home. Students will visit with their family weekly and will be their Shabbat guest once a month. This will afford the students an opportunity to form a connection with parental and sibling figures while away from home, and will provide a supportive learning environment for them to improve interpersonal and social skills.

Chessed – Hands on Volunteer Work

Midreshet Darkaynu is founded in tradition of “Lilmod U’Laasot”, to learn and to do. Alongside our learning philosophy is our belief in the importance of giving back to the community we live in. We have therefore set up exciting volunteer programs for our students in which they will have the opportunity to actualize classroom lessons and improve interpersonal skills while building self-esteem and midot.